Grow a Row Program


Local growers are encouraged to grow an extra row of their favorite vegetables for donation to the Network Food Pantry.  In addition, gardeners are reminded that any excess produce they may have is welcome.  We have just wrapped up our third year with this program; our first year was very successful, having brought in over 1000 lbs. of freshly grown, local produce.  We continue to build on what we have learned. Local resident Barbara Schult is coordinating this effort, and we're getting assistance from a number of local individuals, businesses and orgnaizations.  We are truly excited about this program, because it helps us bring fresh, healthy produce to our clients, something we strive for but can't always do.  It also gives local gardeners the chance to contribute to the pantry while doing something they enjoy.


 At right is a FaceBook posting from the Goffstown Main Street FaceBook page, showing Roger Sheehy of Goffstown Boy Scout Troop 99. The Scouts maintained a plot at the community garden on Mast Rd. for the Grow a Row program, and donated quite a lot of fresh vegetables produced at the garden plot.










  Pantry volunteer

  Mia with some of

  last year's donations






                               Rebecca Barlow                                                      
                               with more donations








For those who may be interested in participating, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

 Q- What types of vegetables are you requesting?

A- All types!  We expect to see a lot of the "old standards", like tomatoes or zucchini, but we would appreciate anything.  If you have something you love to grow, by all means, grow it and bring it in!


Q- I've grown these vegetables, or I have these surplus vegetables, now what do I do?

A- We are asking that you please try to drop them at the pantry during our open hours.  We are located in the St. Matthew's Parish House, at 7 N. Mast St., across from Sully's in the village.  We are open Wednesdays from 6-8 PM, and Saturdays from 10 AM to noon.  Someone is usually there 15 minutes ahead of time.  The Goffstown Public Library has also volunteered to accept and hold donations until pantry volunteers can pick them up. If you need help, or have questions, call Barb at 540-3495.